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Tank monitoring gives you access to your fuel storage tanks anytime, anywhere. With an accurate tank monitor, it’s easy to improve efficiency, reliability and safety. Through real-time data on fuel inventory you can better manage your fleet, track usage, optimize schedules, detect leaks or thefts, and ensure compliance. But most importantly, you will have the peace of mind that you have the fuel to keep your operations running at full speed.

Available Tank Monitors


The Otodata tank monitor is engineered for endurance in harsh environments and is compatible with both above and underground tanks. It offers a 15+ year battery life and ensures seamless connectivity across different carriers. Manufactured in North America, this easy-to-install device is compatible with the Nee-Vo App and all standard gauges, dials, and software.

Model and Rate: TM5030DH FG-GEN II-Wireless Tank Level Monitor: $99

Centeron LTE Cellular Radar Monitor

The Centeron LTE Cellular Radar Monitor, featuring Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, ensures continual visibility to enhance your business’s efficiency. Renowned for its accuracy and reliability, this wireless tank monitoring system is customizable to your needs, supporting cellular, satellite, and Ethernet communications.

Models and Rates: Centeron is currently offering a 40% discount

DR0960-V Cellular Radar Monitor for 8′ Max. Tank Depth: Regularly $778 … Now $467

DR1440-V Cellular Radar Monitor for 12′ Max. Tank Depth: Regularly $807 … Now $484

DR1920-V Cellular Radar Monitor for 16′ Max. Tank Depth: Regularly $827 … Now $496

DR2400-V Cellular Radar Monitor for 20′ Max. Tank Depth: Regularly $849 … Now $509

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