Whenever and wherever hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods or other natural disasters occur, our Emergency Fueling services and solutions provide reliable relief options when conventional fueling is unavailable or ineffective. As industry pioneers who developed the first-of-its-kind emergency fuel supply service in 1995 for the utility industry, our services and programs now include relief for not only utilities, but for industries, government and first responders. All of our services are backed by a top-notch team of experts with years of experience and expertise. Our extensive and secured national resource networks provide significant infrastructure for major or multiple disaster events. With our existing pipeline terminals and reliable resource networks, you are ensured that your emergency fueling needs are met efficiently, cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

Our tank wagons (TW) range in capacity from 1800 to 4500 gallons and are capable of directly fueling above and below ground tanks, vehicles and generators. The equipment is set-up with dual pump systems for both gasoline and diesel for greater efficiency and also to help minimize fuel cross-contamination. Each transport (TT) is approximately 9200 gallons and can be set-up to make straight drops into underground tanks and/or Frac tanks, can serve as a mobile fuel station for gasoline and diesel and can also used for transfer from TT to TW. Transports can also be used as storage vehicles for access fuel.

Dedicated Full Service

The ultimate in asset coverage to meet your fuel needs when conventional fueling is unavailable. Includes custom equipment designed to your specifications plus all of the aspects of our Priority Service and Call On Demand Service.

Priority Service

Priority access to our extensive network of assets and resources during a natural disaster or emergency.

Call On Demand Service

Network access and rapid deployment of resources, but with resources dispatched by our team on a “best efforts” basis. Depending on the enormity of an event, it is possible that all resources could be dedicated, so meeting your fuel needs with our resources is not guaranteed.