Streamlined Asset Management

Locate Drivers and Assets Around the Clock

Gain control over managing and monitoring your fixed and mobile assets with etrac™, our fully integrated and wireless asset management solution.

Utilizing a broad range of technologies, etrac™ collects real-time data that can be used to reduce costs, improve operations, and better serve your customers.  

Our etrac™ Services


Automated Vehicle Location provides real-time GPS tracking for visibility into all aspects of your fleet operations. Whether you track a single vehicle or group of vehicles, you get the data needed to help reduce costs, improve driver safety and productivity, and streamline routing and operations.  


Telematics Solution combines the tracking advantages of etrac-AVL™ with the information gathering technologies of telematics. Using sensors and engine diagnostics, etrac-TS™ collects data that can be utilized to develop strategies that improve fleet efficiency and driver safety, cut maintenance and fuel costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Tank Monitoring gives you 24/7 access to our web portal, allowing you to conveniently monitor your aboveground fuel storage tanks online. Suitable for tank farms, remote locations, and tank heights up to 50 feet, etrac-TM™ provides real-time data on fuel inventory, which can help schedule deliveries, prevent run-outs, track fuel usage, detect tank leaks or thefts, and ensure EPA compliance.

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