Our custom-tailored, fleet fuel card program gives you greater flexibility and control to manage your fleet retail purchases with fuel cards that can be controlled at both the card and account level. Our novel approach combines your onsite fueling transactions with your retail transactions, allowing seamless tracking of fuel use and maintenance charges to the asset level, for significant time and monetary savings.

Fleet cards can be assigned to drivers, vehicles or organizations and if desired, purchases can be restricted to fuel only so that non-fuel purchases are blocked at authorization. Accepted at fueling locations nationwide, we are partnered with the following first-tier fuel card vendors:

WEX Card
Wright Express

Accepted at more than 90% of retail fueling locations or 140,000 fueling sites in the United States, including 54,000 diesel-fueling sites. Drivers can also use cards at 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations for various maintenance services.

Voyager Card

Accepted at more than 230,000 Voyager network fuel and maintenance locations nationwide. A fuel-only card is also available to prevent unwanted non-fuel spending.


Accepted at thousands of fueling locations across the United States with real-time customized reporting and monitoring capabilities available.

CFN Card

Accepted at more than 55,000 sites nationwide and offers advanced controls, including regulating purchases by day of week, time of day, fuel type, volume and purchase frequency.


The largest footprint of any oil company in the country with 14,500 Shell stations nationwide, you can define your own network from any Shell or non-Shell fuel station to better manage routes, maximize efficiency and optimize fleet behaviors.