Web-based inventory management and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets to help you reduce costs and lower environmental impact.

etrac-TM, our wireless web-based inventory management solution gives you the freedom and the flexibility to remotely monitor your fuel storage tanks online. With 24/7 access to fuel data on our web portal, you save both the time and the expense plus eliminate the hassle and safety risk of sending someone onsite to check fuel levels in your aboveground tanks. Applicable to tank farms and remote locations and for tank heights from 1-50 feet, etrac-TM instantly provides you the critical information you need for distillates, fuels, cryogenics and chemicals and helps give you a competitive edge with:

• Reliable and precise online inventory monitoring
• Delivery scheduling
• Continuous tank readings to detect leaks or theft
• Accurate and reliable information in real-time for operational optimization
• Custom alerts with pager, voice, email and fax notification options
• No need for manual tank readings, keeping your workforce safe and off the tanks
• EPA compliance