Reduce costs, streamline operations and tailor your applications to locate vehicle positions by either individual vehicle or in groups, based on vehicle routes or class.

Reducing costs and improving operations is easy and cost-effective with our web-based and wireless, etrac-AVL technology solution. Allowing you to track a single vehicle or an entire fleet online, etrac-AVL transmits your vehicle’s position as frequently as every three minutes, giving you the information and insight you need to help improve fleet efficiency and driver productivity. Flexible, reliable and precise, etrac-AVL helps you:

• Reduce costs and streamline operations by monitoring staff locations
• Identify non-performing staff to help reduce overtime payments
• Locate your vehicles 24/7
• Better manage fuel tax reporting, mileage data and vehicle security
• Reduce theft and lower insurance premiums
• Print automated report summaries for a single vehicle or an entire fleet
• Conduct historical route analysis