Strategic Fuel Management

Keep Your Operations Running at Peak Performance

Gain greater control over energy costs, simplify accounting, and drive operational efficiencies with our comprehensive and customizable fuel management programs. Whatever your fuel needs — bulk, mobile, emergency, green, unattended fuel outlets, a fuel card program, or risk management strategies that put you in control of your fuel costs — our broad range of fuel management products, services, solutions, and strategies will keep your business running smoothly, profitably, and at peak performance.  

Bulk Fuel

Utilizing automated equipment and information systems, our bulk fuel services and solutions help you streamline operations and control the costs associated with bulk fuel purchasing, inventory management, and fuel usage tracking and reporting.  

As one of the largest managers of customer-owned bulk fuel sites in the United States, we provide a nationwide network of reliable carriers and flexible delivery sizes backed by 24/7/365 support services. Wherever you need bulk fuel and whenever you need it, we’re on it and have you covered.

Mobile Fueling

Secure, reliable, and convenient, our on-site mobile fuel delivery services spare drivers the time-consuming hassle of fueling at retail stations and save you the costs associated with onsite bulk fuel tanks.  

We identify, build, and maintain the most cost-effective fueling methods to meet your needs and provide accurate and efficient reporting that tracks fuel usage down to the drop. By consolidating mobile fuel transactions with other transactional data, tracking and managing your fuel inventory to the asset area is more efficient and simplifies managing transactions.  

Fuel Cards 

Providing flexibility, choice, and control over managing fuel and maintenance needs with one-card convenience, our fuel card program can be customized to your needs and controlled at the card and account levels.  

Our unique approach combines onsite fuel transactions with retail transactions and gives you the ability to track fuel use and maintenance charges to the asset level — saving time and money and allowing you to concentrate on what matters the most. Cards can be assigned to drivers, vehicles, or your business and purchase controls can be customized to prevent unauthorized purchases.  

We’re partnered with first-tier card vendors including CFN, Comdata, Shell, Voyager, and Wright Express, and cards are accepted at fueling locations nationwide.  


Unattended Fuel Outlets (UFOs)

Fully automated and computerized, our UFOs are built and designed specifically for commercial vehicles and provide drivers with secure, speedy, and reliable fill-ups.

Strategically located throughout metro Atlanta, UFOs are accessible 24/7/365 and provide unleaded, premium, diesel, and GasKey™ CNG fuel, with our Whitehall Street location also providing E85 ethanol fuel. Fuel cards from our partners and first tier vendors including Comdata, Fuelman, Voyager, and Wright Express are accepted at all UFO locations.

Risk Management Strategies

Our proven and flexible risk management strategies minimize exposure to fuel price volatility. Fuel price spikes can cause significant problems for business operations, especially if they’re prolonged.

Our strategies reduce the effect of price spikes on your bottom line and fuel budget and give you greater control over your fuel costs with accurate budgeting, eliminated speculative purchasing strategies, and the ability to manage energy requirements as an asset.

Our risk management specialists conduct an evaluation of the effect of fuel prices on your business and develop customized strategies tailored to your current needs. And we don’t stop there. Strategies are continuously monitored and evaluated and adjustments are made as your needs change.


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