You can’t control the weather, geopolitical events, fluctuating financial markets or other events that affect fuel costs, but you can take control of your energy expenses for months or years in advance by leveraging our proven, trusted and tested market expertise. Our flexible and customized risk management strategies and solutions give you the ability to mitigate the risks associated with unpredictable events, improving your cash flow and protecting your budget. Gain cost-effective peace of mind with our strategies and solutions in place. It is business as usual for you and your workforce when fuel prices spike.

Risk Management Strategies

Designed to put you in control of your fuel costs, our risk management solutions help reduce the effects of market volatility on your balance sheet. Let us help you budget future costs more accurately, allowing you to manage your energy requirements as an asset and eliminate speculative purchasing. Our team of risk management specialists evaluates how fuel prices impact your organization. They develop a customized risk management strategy with market conditions in mind. Our specialists will work to continuously evaluate and tweak these solutions and strategies to meet your changing needs.

Customized Solutions

Tailored to your specific needs and fuel cost objectives, our customized solutions keep your organization operating smoothly by eliminating fluctuations of commodity pricing. With fuel costs being a large part of your operational budget, even small increases can have negative if not disastrous effects on profit margins of even the most efficiently run fleets. Our hedging capabilities, knowledge of the physical energy markets and awareness of products offered by financial institutions or energy commodity exchanges help you take control of your fuel costs and budget. This will allow you the freedom to strategically and accurately plan ahead for future needs.

Risk Management Resources

Designed to give you a competitive edge, our risk management resources include NYMEX traded commodities and various over-the-counter derivatives. As new hedging opportunities emerge, our team will continue to anticipate your needs, make a thorough analysis of your current situation and work alongside you to provide the innovative products you need to protect your organization and ensure profitability.