To meet the growing demand for fuel efficiency, lower-cost fuel options and clean energy, we offer a wide range of alternative fuel solutions that are available nationwide at both the retail level and at onsite fueling locations. As a licensed, reliable and trusted partner to commercial fleets, public utilities and government agencies, our team is committed to providing you cost-effective alternative fuel solutions that help lower your operating costs and improve fleet efficiency, while helping enhance the quality of the environment.


Biodiesel is supplied to customer-owned fuel sites. A cleaner-burning replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel, biodiesel is compatible with diesel engines and does not require major engine modifications, making it a cost-effective alternative. Biodiesel can be legally blended with petroleum in any percentage, with B20 being a common blend.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is supplied to our four unattended fuel outlets (UFOs) in metro Atlanta via our extensive pipeline network. It is suitable for alternative fuel vehicles that run on both types of CNG fuel systems. Vehicles using CNG include transit buses and fleet trucks and are either CNG-dedicated vehicles that operate solely on natural gas or dual-fuel vehicles that can use both natural gas and gasoline.


E85 ethanol is available at our Whitehall Street unattended fuel outlet (UFO) in metro Atlanta. It is used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). E10, E15-20 and E85 are available blends and reflect the ethanol to gasoline ratio in the fuel from the lowest to highest level.


Propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is delivered to our commercial accounts and to utilities in the southeastern United States. It can also be delivered nationwide through our vast supplier network. Compatible with light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, taxi cabs, police cars and rental and delivery vehicles, LPG burns cleaner than petroleum and is the world’s third most common engine fuel.