Delivering critical sensor and engine data diagnostics plus tracking and monitoring information to improve fleet efficiency, improve the environment and add value to your organization.

Designed to help you identify the most cost-effective solutions to improve fleet efficiency and safety while reducing maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions, our innovative technology, etrac-TS, provides you all the advantages of our etrac-AVL tracking system plus the information gathering capabilities of telematics. With the goal of adding value across your organization, our top-notch and industry-recognized telematics team works closely with you to focus on areas of your business that are of paramount importance and provides results in a simple, user-friendly format. Gathering the critical information you need through sensor and engine data diagnostics, vehicle tracking and monitoring, etrac-TS helps you:

• Reduce fuel consumption
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Monitor how fuel is used and where it is bought
• Track off-road mileage (engine idling) for possible tax rebates
• Improve vehicle maintenance
• Monitor battery health to reduce jumpstarts and road calls
• Improve driver safety